What is Mastiha?

In the East Aegean Sea, somewhere in the crossroad between East and West, in the island of Chios, mastiha, a product of legend, is being planted since antiquity, connected with traditions, historical events and cultural exchanges, arriving untouched till nowadays, sculpted with the culture of the Eastern Mediterranean, more powerful than ever thanks to its scientifically proven beneficial and therapeutic unique properties.

Chios Mastiha is the name of a resinous sap produced from the mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia). It is a natural, aromatic resin in teardrop shape that falls on the ground in drops from superficial scratches induced by cultivators on the tree’s trunk and main branches with sharp tools.

The know-how of cultivating Mastiha has been included by UNESCO on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

A PDO Product

Since 1997, Chios mastiha has been identified as Protected Designation of Origin product ( PDO ), subject to No.123/1997 Regulation ( L0224/24-1-97 ) of European Union and has been registered in the relevant community list of the PDO products.

Mastic Benefits

Laboratory research and many clinical studies all over the world conclude that natural Chios mastiha is gifted with unique beneficial and therapeutic properties.

Scientific evidence has confirmed Mastiha’s beneficial action against disorders of the peptic system, its contribution to oral hygiene, its significant antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action, as well as the fact that it constitutes a natural antioxidant agent. In addition to that, Chios mastiha contributes to wound healing and skin regeneration.

This makes Mastiha an ideal candidate for Cosmetics, Food, and pharmaceutical purposes.

Korea Distribution

For Cosmetic Purposes

We are the exclusive distributor for Mastiha in South Korea for Cosmetic Purposes.  We sell Mastiha Powder, Mastiha Oil, and Mastiha Resin for your needs. 


If you have any interest in purchasing  please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page or email us at -

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