We seek to make the companies we partner with stronger through a bottom-up strategy of transformation.

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DBLOS approaches business with global perspective and local expertise. We have a disciplined, diligence process that has proven beneficial to us and our portfolio companies. The DBLOS team is agile and can quickly move through the all processes, resulting in timely business results. We understand the importance of minimally impacting ongoing operations, both before and after we make a deal.

Our Board is characterized by open communication, careful listening and honest interactions. They are immersed in trust, a confident expectation to always elevate the relationship and honor commitments while leading DBLOS.



Gangnam Finance Plaza 15F 29, Teheranro 419, Gangnamgu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel.    +82 2 3453 9280

Tel 2. +82 2 3453 9281

Fax.   +82 2 539 5410

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